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Pet Specialists of Monterey

Outpatient Imaging Services

What You Need to Know

Our specialists will be communicating directly with your family veterinarian to discuss any imaging needs; however, all decisions regarding treatment will remain in the hands of your family veterinarian.

  • A report with imaging findings will be created for all outpatient imaging services.
  • Results of the imaging will be provided to you by your veterinarian. If you want to see a specialist, you will need to schedule a consultation.
  • Your regular veterinarian will need to fill out the appropriate referral forms and send required records prior to you scheduling your pet’s outpatient appointment.
  • If you feel that your pet needs emergency care, please call to discuss the option of immediate admission through the emergency service.

Outpatient ultrasound candidates

Black and white dog
  • Pets referred for outpatient ultrasound need to be stable and able to lay still for up to 30 minutes without sedation.
  • Pets with acute severe disease, critical illness, or behavioral complications (e.g., aggression or anxiety) should be scheduled for an internal medicine consult or be admitted through the emergency service.
  • Ultrasound-guided samples will not be collected during an outpatient ultrasound.
  • Drop-offs are not allowed and you must stay in the waiting room so we can return your pet immediately after the diagnostics are completed.

Outpatient CT imaging candidates

  • Recent bloodwork (within the last 30 days) will be required.
  • Pets referred for outpatient CT imaging should be stable and healthy enough for the sedation or anesthesia that will be required for imaging to be performed.
  • If surgical, orthopedic, or neurologic disease is suspected, please consider scheduling a new patient consult with the surgery service.

For veterinarians: Please use our online referral forms to streamline the referral process.